Honestly Essential Oils - Lesson 15

Oct 06, 2020 0 comments

The 15th episode of insight into Essential Oils and how they can benefit your life and improve your Lifestyle!

Hi, I'm Cecilia from Honestly Essential, and today I would like to discuss Black Pepper, which is one of my favorite oils that I use in my clinic when treating pain. Black pepper needs to be used with caution because overuse can stimulate the kidneys.

It's also not an oil to be used on pregnant women, children and babies. It is very strong as an analgesic, which I use when it comes to muscle pain. It's anti-spasmodic and helps with muscle stiffness. As a circulatory stimulant, it's excellent for even with impotence because it stimulates circulation and for cold hands and feet. As a digestive stimulant, it's great for nausea and colic, as well as indigestion and even constipation because it does get stagnant matters moving. It's very good for water retention as well for that same reason. So black pepper greatly used when it comes to circulatory system imbalances for muscle pain and even joint pain and then the digestive system. 

With Honestly Essential, you are able to obtain this aromatherapy for natural health and beauty in which I discuss black pepper oil in great more depth.

Thank you for reading.

Cecilia Salvesen is the author of You Become What You Eat, Aromatherapy for Natural Health and Beauty, and Healthy Lifestyle Guidelines. She is a therapeutic Aromatherapist and Reflexologist, and practices Foot Compression and Meridian Therapy. She holds diplomas in Complementary Medicine, Therapeutic Reflexology, Therapeutic Aromatherapy, Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology.

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