Honestly Essential Oils - Lesson 16

Oct 05, 2020 0 comments

The 16th episode of insight into Essential Oils and how they can benefit your life and improve your Lifestyle!

Hi, I'm Cecilia from, and today I want to speak to you about something that is very near and dear to my heart, and that's babies and essential oils. Do not use essential oils on babies under three months, and there's a very good reason for it. We don't give medication to babies on a daily basis. We only give it if it's absolutely necessary, and they need it because they have a condition that needs to be treated. The same with essential oils, do not use essential oils on baby every day for whatever reason you may have and less that absolutely needed for conditions such as diaper rash or eczema and fungal infections or other skin conditions.

The reason we don't use essential oils on babies under three months is because the liver is not mature enough to metabolize and process these essential oils. The essential oils are way too strong and too concentrated. Even in a diluted state. It is still too strong. Just think about it. Most babies, about 60 per cent when they are born, are jaundiced. Premature babies, it's as much as 80 per cent and the reason they have jaundice is because their mature erythrocytes are broken down with all of us.

When our red blood cells reach a certain age, which is 120 days, then it is broken down and by the spleen and the liver, and it is the components are recycled. Now, babies liver is too immature to break down their own red blood cells, and this is why they become jaundice. So how on earth if they cannot process at this young age the very own red blood cells, how on earth are they going to process essential oils? So please do not use essential oils on babies under three months and then with babies over three months, be very careful and only use certain oils if you want to know which oils to use for babies which to avoid, and for toddlers, children, pregnant woman which oils to use in labor. You can refer to my book, Aromatherapy for Natural Health and Beauty.

Thank you.

Cecilia Salvesen is the author of You Become What You Eat, Aromatherapy for Natural Health and Beauty, and Healthy Lifestyle Guidelines. She is a therapeutic Aromatherapist and Reflexologist, and practices Foot Compression and Meridian Therapy. She holds diplomas in Complementary Medicine, Therapeutic Reflexology, Therapeutic Aromatherapy, Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology.

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