Foot Compression Therapy

Foot compression and reflexology is using a machine that does two major things: booting and cupping. First, when using the “boots” the machine hits all the reflex and meridian points in the feet to treat the body. On top of that, the boots help to boost immunity, stimulate all the organs through the reflexes in the feet, oxygenate the body and move blood and lymph. When the boots are removed from the feet, the feet will then show colors that associate with imbalances in ones body. With this “reading” we can help clients determine why their health is poor or why they are experiencing the symptoms they are.

The cupping is very similar to acupuncture but instead of using needles, we use suction cups. These helps to enhance the effects of any treatment when the body needs an extra “boost” but is either too sensitive or in a chronic state of inflammation. The vacuflex machine can help decipher imbalances in ones body while also detoxifying the client and rejuvenating them. Vacuflex machines are extremely rare in the United States but are widely used in Europe, Australia, and South Africa. In the picture displayed here this client’s feet showed that she was getting very sick very quickly. In fact, her body was in the process of fighting off a virus and it was losing. The very next day the viral infection hit her hard. Luckily we caught this in time and we were able to give her the herbs and supplements that would aid in a quick recovery.

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