Grains Aren't the Bad Guy

We've all heard it before. You're gluten free, your mom is gluten free, even your dog is gluten free. Strangely we have all become gluten intolerant but don't really know why and yet over the years more and more people are having to turn from their gluten-eating ways. Most people like to wave their fists and blame the GMOs but, sadly, that is not the reason, and I say "sadly" because the real reason will make you sick to your stomach, Literally. Have you ever had that gluten free friend tell you about all the bread and pastries they ate...

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The Gutsy Living Project

Welcome to the Gutsy Living Project. Here you will find information on why it is so important to fiercely protect 75% of what makes up your immune system...your gut flora.  Today disease and health issues are spiraling out of control and research is starting to show us why: we are killing off the things that keep us alive and well and that is our microbiome/gut bacteria. Learn how to preserve it, protect it and feed it! I'll give you a quick hint on how you do involves vegetables...lot of them :) And if you stick around I'll help you...

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