How, When and Where to Use Essential Oils on Babies and Children (Video Tutorial)

So many people get intimidated when it comes to essential oils. They don't know which oil to use with which condition or they don't know how many drops to use or what to do exactly with their oils. 

Well we have created a great tutorial for you! In this video, Cecilia Salvesen goes over how we apply essential oils, when we should apply them and which areas to apply the oil. 


Not only this but we have also created an essential oil concentration calculator that tells you exactly how many drops of essential oil to use with your carrier oil. No, really. It does tell you that! All you have to do is answer 3 questions and it pops out the answer for you.

So while this post may not tell you which oil to use, it DOES take the guessing game out when, where, how and how much!

Happy Healing!

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