Broken Capillaries

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Capillaries are tiny blood vessels and are the organs of exchange in the cardiovascular system. Excessive alcohol, bad diet and stimulants, such as tea and coffee, may cause the capillary walls to lose some of their elasticity, and the capillaries beneath the facial skin and other areas are then easy to see, especially in fair-skinned people. Because they become more noticeable they are described as “broken.”


Gentle massage on the face or other areas of the body where there are broken capillaries will help to restore the natural elasticity of the blood vessels, which can eventually get rid of the redness. Although the healing process is slow, it can be effective, but the treatment must be done daily for a few months. The time period required will vary with each individual.


Avoid hot and cold extremities (baths, showers, sun, etc., as well as facial steaming and saunas. Eliminate the causes from the diet (e.g. alcohol), and eat natural foods. Smoking destroys vitamin C, which is needed to sustain collagen, resulting in the loss of elasticity, “broken” capillaries, and premature wrinkling.


Suggested essential oils: Chamomile (Roman), cypress, lemon, neroli, lavender, cedarwood, juniper.


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