Foot Compressions and Meridian Therapy are two separate treatments, but because they are so effective they are combined as one treatment. Foot compressions are not done to only see the colors of the feet – it is the actual treatment, and is done to detoxify the body and restore homeostasis among other benefits.

Foot Compressions treat the physical organs in the body e.g. liver, spleen, pancreas, gall bladder, kidneys, bladder, lungs, etc.
Meridian Therapy treats electrical diseases, which is pain such as backache, headaches, stomach pain, arthritis pain, sciatic pain, etc.

FOOT COMPRESSIONS consists of a pair of boots that fit on the feet and over the ankles. The boots are connected to a vacuum pump. The vacuum pump takes air out and the feet become vacuum packed. This is contained for five minutes. It feels similar to when blood pressure is taken with the cuff on the arm, except it is on the feet covering a wider area, and slightly tighter. It is also similar in concept to Air Massage Boots used in hospitals except the latter is left on for a longer period of time, and inflates and deflates continually. Foot compressions are done at a constant pressure, which is adjustable to suit the client’s comfort zone. When the air is vacuumed out, the feet become vacuum packed. That action pushes the blood away from the feet and works on two levels:


1) Therapeutic level:

i) The pressure of the boots stimulates all the reflex area on the
feet. There are thousands of reflex areas per foot. The boots stimulate all these reflexes simultaneously, which relate to and correspond with organs, glands and muscles in the body.

ii) The pressure of the boots also stimulates all the acupuncture points which commence and end in the feet.

2) Clinical level:

i) When the boots are released after five minutes, the blood rushes back to the feet, which is the venous blood’s point of return to the upper body. This action enhances the function of blood, which is to take oxygen and nutrients to all the cells in the body, and remove cellular waste and metabolic toxins. At cellular level, a gaseous exchange takes place i.e. the cells take in the enriched oxygen and nutrients, and in return have to give up its waste products. This action causes the body to detoxify. Many people claim they can see and smell their toxins coming away through their elimination organs which are kidneys, colon, lungs and skin. They may experience frequent urination, darker in color, stronger smelling; or they may have an extra bowl movement, darker in color, stronger smelling. This is caused by the elimination of toxins. When the body disposes of metabolic waste, homeostasis is established and the body can then use its own natural healing potential to heal itself.

ii) Apart from stimulating blood circulation, the compression and release action around the feet also increase the flow of lymphatic fluid. This further assists in the detoxification process of the body through the lymphatic system.

iii) Another action that compression on the feet contributes to is to unblock nerve endings in the feet. The sciatic nerve is the largest nerve in the body and further extends from the gluteus muscle down the legs, branching out in millions of nerve endings of which many end in the feet. Due to toxins stored in body tissue, nerve endings become blocked and their functions impeded. By unblocking these nerve endings the body can function at more optimal levels.

iv) The vacuum on the feet also breaks down calcium deposits. If a diet is high in acid-forming foods and low in alkaline-forming foods, calcium is drawn from the bones. Bones have many functions of which one is to act as a reservoir for calcium. The more acid forming foods we eat, the more acid forming our blood will become. As a buffer to prevent acidosis, the body draws calcium from the bone. The more acidic we are, the more calcium we draw. If we draw more calcium than can be utilized by the body, the excess calcium in the blood, through gravity, gravitates towards the periphery of the body (hands and feet) where they calcify and form calcium deposits. These calcium deposits can normally be felt in the feet. They feel like grains of sand or salt underneath the skin, and can be felt when you slide your fingers over certain areas where they deposit.

v) This treatment (apart from breaking down calcium deposits) also flushes out metabolic waste such as uric acid, lactic acid and ketone acids, etc.

When the boots are taken off, red, white, blue, purple and yellow colors very briefly appear on top and underneath the feet. These indicate blockages, congestion and imbalances along the meridians and reflex areas. The colors can be solid (indicating more congestion) or breaking up (indicating recovery and improvement). They can be intense (where more intense conditions exist) or light (where less intense conditions exist). They may linger a long time (indicating deeper congestion) or fade rapidly (indicating superficial imbalances). These visual colors give both therapist and client a very good indication of imbalances, blockages and congestion along the reflex and meridian areas. Together they are able to monitor improvement (or deterioration) as colors may improve (or intensify) with each treatment, depending on the physical state of the recipient.

CUPPING: Upon completion of the foot compressions, cupping is performed. This is done by placing suction cups on numerous acupuncture points. Meridian therapy is similar to acupuncture except it is noninvasive and therefore suction cups are used in place of needles. Cupping is done on twelve meridians, unblocking and opening up the electromagnetic fields (or energy channels) that penetrate all the systems, organs and glands in the body. Meridians are named after the organ they penetrate i.e. lung meridian, colon meridian, stomach meridian, spleen/pancreas meridian, heart meridian, small intestine meridian, bladder meridian, kidney meridian, pericardium (circulation) meridian, endocrine meridian, gall bladder meridian and liver meridian.

FOOT MASSAGE: Foot compression and meridian therapy is completed with a relaxing and soothing foot massage using either essential oils or herbal cream.

UPPER BODY MASSAGE: The second half of the treatment is done with cupping on the back, neck and shoulders followed by an upper body massage, which includes massaging back, neck, shoulders, arms and hands. The treatment is completed with certain muscle stretches, deep breathing and relaxation techniques.


ADVISE: Clients are advised to drink water after a treatment in order to assist their body with the flushing out of toxic waste. If possible, clients are advised to rest for an hour or more after a treatment. This is not always possible and not crucial either – merely a recommendation.

AFFECT (INFLUENCE) OF THE TREATMENT: The affect of the treatment (increased blood circulation, flow of lymphatic fluid, unblocked nerve endings, elimination of toxins through frequent urination or defecation, etc.,) lasts for four days, tapering off in affect. Day one, the most affect is experienced, day two less, day three even less, and day four final affects ware off. (Refer diagram below.) Therefore, should a person become ill five or more days after a treatment, it is an entirely separate and different condition, and it is advisable to investigate possibilities such as viral or bacterial infections, or even food poisoning.

Four day affect of the treatment:

EFFECT (RESULTS) OF THE TREATMENT: Treatment affect and treatment effect are two different scenarios.

  • Affect is how long the treatment’s influence is affective for on the body.
  • Effect is the results the treatment has on the recipient, and how long these benefits (results) will last. This varies from person to person.

The unblocked never endings, detoxification of toxic waste, increased circulation and lymph fluid affect of the treatment may last a few days tapering off in affect; but the resulting effect the treatment has on the body may be temporarily or permanent, depending on the body’s ability to heal itself. Age, fitness and severity of chronic or acute state of conditions play a huge role, in not only the body’s ability to heal itself, but also how long the body will remain healed. Since we are what we eat, and we come what we eat, nutrition and lifestyle has a monumental affect (influence) on the results (effect) of the treatment.

Temporary or permanent effects may apply to relief obtained from, for example, the following conditions:

Acid reflux
Auto-immune diseases
Bell’s palsy
Chronic fatigue
Crohn’s disease
Food poisoning
High blood pressure
High cholesterol
Hormonal imbalances
Joint pain
Multiple sclerosis
Muscle pain
Parkinson’s disease
Stroke-induced paralysis
Swollen lymph nodes
Systemic lupus erythematosus
Tooth ache
Trigeminal neuralgia

Relief of symptoms, as well as the actual condition may vary in degree for each individual depending on severity, age and how long they have suffered from the ailment/s. Not all conditions are listed

The reason I am able to list the above is due to the fact that for a quarter of a century, I have treated multitudes of people, many suffering with one or more of these conditions. It is important to mention that I have always incorporated good nutrition in my treatment regimes, which has also assisted with the healing process. A foot compression treatment assists the body in its detoxification and elimination process and establishing equilibrium, thus aiding the body in its natural ability to heal itself.

  • People who chose not to change their lifestyle, but continued receiving treatments, experienced measurable benefits.
  • People who made concerted efforts, and changed their lifestyle experienced expedited and remarkable benefits.

We are what we eat and we become what we eat. Too often, the conditions we suffer with are a direct result of our lifestyle, and what we have been eating.

TREATMENTS: How often a person has a treatment depends largely on their availability, affordability and the state of their disorders, i.e. acute or chronic conditions.

  • Availability – Some business people can afford more treatments but do not always have the time.
  • Affordability – Some home-executives or retirees may have the time, but cannot afford the treatments.
  • Acute condition – These may warrant more aggressive treatments, that is, one or more treatments per week followed by maintenance treatments that are less frequent.
  • Chronic condition – Persistent or long-lasting conditions may require a weekly treatment for three months or more, followed by maintenance treatments that are biweekly or triweekly, or at least once a month.

Treatments are always affective in a positive way, and since the effect is four days, the ideal situation would be a treatment once a week. Many people prefer a maintenance treatment every second week or once a month. Some clients come when they feel they need a treatment or detoxification. It is a very personal decision and the client needs to decide, based on availability and affordability, coupled with their acute or chronic condition.

Every treatment benefits the body, and any treatment (at any time) is better than no treatment at all. However, if a person is serious about obtaining results, regular treatments are the only solution.

TREATMENT GUARANTEE: There is no guarantee that desired results will be achieved. Even in the medical profession, there are no guarantees that anything anyone does will be a hundred percent successful. The treatment also does not treat a specific condition. The treatment is designed to treat the entire body, and for this reason, many imbalances may be corrected.

A person may come in complaining of one or two conditions such as constipation, or a headache and backache. There is always more than only that one, or only those two issues going on within the body. The (animal/human) body is like a sea of bacteria, fighting viruses, fungi and a host of other foreign bodies on a constant and continual basis. As mentioned previously, because a treatment increases blood circulation, unblocks never endings, stimulates the flow of lymphatic fluid and assist with the flushing out of waste products, the body establishes equilibrium much faster than normal. When in a balanced state, the body is able to use its natural healing potential to heal itself. When healing takes places, it is within the entire body and all its functional systems. The rate of healing depends on the individual’s age, their body’s condition as well as the state of their ailments, i.e. acute or chronic.

The treatment will affect (influence) the body to deliver maximum effect (results) within the body’s capability. Because the treatment’s end results affect the entire body, a host of other imbalances could also be resolved. Although the person originally complained only of a headache and backache, they may experience additional relief with indigestion, acid reflux, flatulence, bloatedness, sinus congestion, insomnia, fatigue, and painful or stiff joints.

Foot compression is a treatment that is beneficial to the entire body. It is not used to see the colors only – it is the actual treatment in its entirety.

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