Fatigue/Mental Fatigue

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Although certain oils are classified as stimulants, they are without the dangers associated with other stimulants such as alcohol, drugs, coffee, sugar, etc. The oils assist the body in recovering from fatigue, and do not merely mask the symptoms or give a quick lift, which results in a downward spiral. The oils are cephalic and clear the mind, giving renewed energy. These oils are a short-term aid to recovery and care should be taken to rest the body and replenish energy in a natural way as well. Stimulating oils should be used in conjunction with balancing oils to prevent overstimulation. Processed and refined foods create unnecessary fatigue, by the descent from hyper- to hypoglycemia. Aromatherapy, rest, and good nutrition are excellent remedies for fatigue.


Suggested essential oils: Basil, chamomile (Roman), lavender, peppermint, rosemary, sage, thyme, anise (star), dill weed, fennel.

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