Honestly Essential Oils - Lesson 4

Oct 25, 2020 0 comments

The 4th episode of insight into Essential Oils and how they can benefit your life and improve your Lifestyle!

Lemon eucalyptus is an oil that I think every household that lives near mosquitoes should have. This is nature's natural deet. Now, recently I saw a demonstration on TV where they had this glass box full of mosquitoes and then where you put your hands through and they were testing different insecticides to see which were effective, and all the time I'm thinking you should have lemon eucalyptus there.


You should have lemon eucalyptus. And lo and behold, one of the oil they tested was the lemon eucalyptus, and guess what? Not one mosquito settled on the person's arm. That man was very brave to stick his arm in the I don't know if I would have done that because they demonstrated at first how the mosquitoes attack and then they use the different repellents. But with the lemon eucalyptus, not one mosquito, and I'm just thinking, where have you been? How come you're only finding that out now?


So lemon eucalyptus, it's my absolute favorite, together with other essential oils that are strong insect repellents and I am never without it, and that is available through our website, HonestlyEssential.Com. So be certain that you're not caught with the next mosquito attack without your lemon eucalyptus.

Thank you.

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